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Centaurus - An NFT Paradise

Centaurus is a modern-day decentralized NFT platform, which facilitates users to purchase, sell, trade, hold, and stake NFTs securely.

The platform accepts a wide range of categories, including photos, music, videos, in-game collectibles, etc., and bestows a seamless NFT trading experience. Being a multichain cross-bridging NFT marketplace, it enables a wonderful opportunity for the participants to connect with different blockchain networks, namely Polygon, Solana, Tezos, Avalanche, Aave, and much more.

Centaurus NFT platform will enable users to even swap their valuable NFTs from one network to another without any complex procedures. Swapping and Trading of NFTs across blockchain networks have now been made easy!

$CENT - The Native Token

Centaurus has its own utility token called $CENT. It is a BEP-20 standard token built on the robust Binance Smart Chain network. The token bestows excellent utilities to the holders, such as staking, yield farming, and governance attributes. The token distribution is delicately calculated in the vision of creating a substantial value for the tokens.



TOTAL TOKEN SUPPLY : 100 billion





Private Token Sale25%
Partners and Advisors10%
Project Marketing15%
Project Research and Development15%
Team 5%
Charity 5%
Public Sale 25%


Immutable Ownership Right

Users will be provided with an immutable ownership right, stored in blockchain, for all the NFTs in the platform.

Governance Rights

The governance tokens will bestow wonderful opportunities to vote on the important financial parameters of the platform.

Branded assets

The marketplace will be loaded with rare and branded assets to make your profile worthy.

Rewards & Airdrops

Centaurus will offer exciting rewards and alluring airdrops to users of the platform.

Instant Liquidity

The instant transfers of NFTs will offer instant liquidity to the holders.


  • Phase 1 Completed

    Deployment of Centaurus token in Mainnet with burning Mechanism

    Centaurus website development

    Private sale

  • Phase 2

    Centaurus decentralized exchange development (BSC)

    NFT Marketplace development (BSC)


  • Phase 3

    Listing Centaurus tokens in exchange

    Public sale

    Launch of Centaurus DEX

    Launch of NFT Marketplace

    Establishing connections with creators

  • Phase 4

    Development of decentralized exchange in Polygon network

    Development of NFT marketplace in Polygon network

    Integration of cross-chain compatibility

    Seamless connection with multiple platforms

Fabulous Features of Centaurus

  • Attractive Storefront:
    The platform will have an eye-catching storefront, which seizes the attention of all categories of buyers and sellers readily.
  • Filter and Sort:
    The marketplace will have advanced search options, which enables users to land on the NFTs easily without wasting their time.
  • Easy Listing:
    Centaurus will allow the participants to list their assets effortlessly in either fixed-price sale or auction sale.
  • In-Built Wallet:
    The marketplace has an in-built wallet, which enables users to store their traded assets securely.
  • Cross-Chain Functionalities:
    The platform establishes seamless and frictionless connections across different blockchain networks.



Shaker Sangam


Shaker Sangam has been an Entrepreneur for over 20 years in retail and Investing & Trading. His educational background is in Law, Business, Information technology, and He is also self-taught. His motive to part-take in this project is to simplify the Blockchain trading ecosystem experience to a minimum. And to be part of a revolution of the blockchain industry’s transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Centaurus, an esteemed blockchain and crypto-based entity, operates with a prime objective of making the investors reap remarkable returns at the lowest risk and minimized effort. We offer a decentralized NFT marketplace that permits the users to purchase, sell, trade, mint, and stake NFTs effortlessly.

The Centaurus is the indigenous utility token of the platform, which is a BEP-20 standard token built on the Binance Smart Chain network.

The prime benefits of Centaurus include

Provides ownership rights

Provides instant liquidity

Act a revenue-generating platform

Governance attribute